Pellet Stoves - Product Reviews, Howtos and more!

Pellet stoves are a new way to provide your home with either space heating or central heating. You have a few options when it comes to the type of pellet stove that you choose including:
• Free standing
• Fireplace inserts
• Outdoor pellet stoves
• Central heating pellet stoves
Pellet stoves are cost effective renewable wood heating systems. These stoves offer style and comfort as well as cleanliness in that they don't require you to pile wood inside or outside your home. There are thousands of pellet stoves being installed in homes all over Europe and the US. They are popular because they are able to be automated and more stylish than the typical wood burning stove. Pellet Stove Options continued on next page...

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Expect an increase in Pellet Stove Sales

When the price of home heating fuel goes up so do the sales of Pellet Stoves.

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Does Having a Pellet Stove Save You Money?

In the last few years, pellet stoves have quickly become recognized as an alternative energy source for keeping your home warm in the winter months. A pellet stove provides an environmentally friendly, reliable heat source that is clean to operate and easy to maintain. Check out this great article about how pellet stoves can save you money and conserve energy at the website Read more

Yearly Maintenance Requirements for Your Pellet Stove

Your pellet stove will require routine annual maintenance and cleaning. Following your owner’s manual, you should perform maintenance required on a daily basis. Failure to perform even the most basic routine maintenance, including ash removal, can significantly affect the efficiency of your pellet stove in transferring generated heat into your home. Read more

Are Pellet Stoves a Viable Heating Source?

As climate change continues to drop the temperatures during the winter months, and the cost to heat your home continues to rise, it is important to find alternative solutions for a heat source. While many individuals choose gas fireplaces, electric space heaters, or other secondary heat sources, the pellet stove is often overlooked. However, this highly viable heat source is inexpensive to operate and provides maximum output in heat for your home. Read more

Deciding If a Pellet Stove Is Better Than a Wood Stove

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