Breckwell P2000 Series Pellet Stove

Product Type: Free Standing Pellet Stove
Brand: Breckwell Hearth Products

Breckwell manufactures attractive pellet stoves designed for maximum fuel and heating efficiency. With digital controls, the user can control and adjust the settings to their desired heat intensity at a touch of a button. Made with a durable steel construction, these pellet stoves will make an attractive addition to any living space in addition to being a fine home heating solution. With one fuel load of pellets, homeowners can get as much as 60 hours of burning time which is a lot of heat for a minimal amount of pellets. Energy efficiency is what the Breckwell P2000 Series Pellet Stove is known for. It also has a Hot Rod automatic igniter which makes it easy to start up when a room or home needs to be heated up quickly. With an automatic fuel feed and whisper quiet functions, this is the perfect pellet stove for homeowners that are looking for efficiency as well as quiet operation.