Breckwell P23 Series

Product Type: Fireplace Insert Pellet Stove
Brand: Breckwell Hearth Products

Breckwell manages to maintain a traditional classic look in a smaller, more compact pellet stove. While it is smaller than some other pellet stoves, this unit is by no means less powerful. It can heat a substantial area of a home with an impressive 55 hours of heating time with one load of pellets. The Breckwell P23 series has a maximum input of 50,000 BTUs making it a powerful yet compact unit that is appropriate where there is challenge for space. It has a hopper capacity of 55 pounds, which can hold a lot of pellets for more fuel efficiency and longer burn times, producing warmth consistently and powerfully. With a fully-automated fuel feed, the exact amount of pellets will be fed into the stove to maintain a consistent level of heat. To add to the aesthetic appeal, realistic ceramic fiber logs can be added and each unit comes with painted legs, gold legs or a pedestal.