Enviro The Empress Fireplace Insert

Product Type: Fireplace Insert Pellet Stove
Brand: Enviro (Sherwood Industries Ltd.)

Tastefully designed pellet-burning stove provides heating for single family homes. The unit features: 

  • Convection system
  • Quiet operation
  • 160 cfm variable speed fan
  • Heating capacity: 34,000 BTU
  • Easily accessible slider damper
  • Air wash glass allows view of fire
  • 400w ignitor
  • Free-breathing firebox
  • Cast iron brick liner
  • Easy-to-use control
  • Remote control
  • Works with thermostat for temperature control
  • Cast iron doors
  • Hopper holds up to 55 lbs.


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  2. Anonymous Says:

    My Empress insert is but 2 years old and now is totally nonfunctional......Motherboard replaced recently, along with heat disc sensor...Dealer can't fix it and I have no heat. The company is nearly impossible to deal with......

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Stove has had more than its share of problems. 3rd season, combustion motor would not start. 4th season, controller board went. Not the reliability I would have hoped for. The factory won't talk to customers... absolutely zero support (if someone has the secret telephone number for support, I'd love to hear it).

    I repaired the controller board myself ($1.00 repair instead of $371 for new board). If you find your motors are not regulating speed and making funny noises, you may want to replace the triacs (easily obtained from Digikey.com and fairly easy to replace on PC board)... Can't hurt to try for only $1

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I live in Campbell River. I bought this stove 4 years ago now, it was a new model. I was out of town when I saw it, and bought it. The dealer promised 6-8 weeks delivery, that was before Christmas, it arrived in August.

    Then of course they wanted immideate payment. The stove gave me no end of grief. To date I'm on my fourth circuit board, 3rd daughter board, sevond burn pot liner, second burner fan, and third igniter. The dealer didn't know dick about these, and wouldn't do service cuntil he could stack 3-4 calls in the area. I found a local deaer who promptly refused me service since I didn't buy it from him. Guess where I don't ever shop now?

    The ididot that installed itnever levelled it properly, and the dor bound on thi hinge, chipping off the porcelaine enamel finish.
    The dealer promised to replace it. He never did.

    The last service was from the Factory TEch from Victoria, he brought up the dealer, replaced the wiring hareness, the igniter, the mainboard, and was missing hte new daughter board. JHe told the deaer (in fron of me) that when the part came in, he was also toraise the top of the hopper. Dealer came in with the part, inastalled it and ran. LeEft me with an arm in a sling (post op) to do it myself.

    The factory tech said the wrong wall thermostatwqs installed and these require a millivolt thermostat. The dealer replied, that's the first I ever heard about that.

    After 4 years oif problems and the factorty tech doing the tropubleshooting, I finally got most fo a season trouble fee. Now I have intermittently, the convection blower won't turn on and the unit gets too hot to touch. I turn off the power switch at the daughter board, turn it back on & the blowser starts.

    When I asked the dealere, in front of the texh - how hwe was coming with the replacement door, the tech told me these things ewre normal and he let the dealer off the hook.

    When serviced properly, by a knowledgeable tech, it is a good heater. However, to have to wait for service from Victoria to Campbell River, it is a bit ridiculous. And Don't ever waste any money at the "dealer" in Courtenay. That man is a joke, new store and all.

    And these #$%#$ captcha's are designed to keep comments off the board.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    This is my third heating season using the Enviro Empress free standing pellet stove. Everything was running well until this year, two months after the warranty ran out. The ignitor shorted out and took out a part of the circuit board. Now I have to use gel to start stove. A few weeks ago the blower fan started making a whining sound and the air flow is diminished. Took it apart and checked for any obvious defects but it just seems like the motor, which appears flimsy, is just worn out. We keep this stove meticulously clean. I can do all the repairs myself but the replacement parts are outrageously priced. Ignitor $142. Circuit board $245. Blower motor assembly $225. Might as well have put the money into the oil tank and saved myself the trouble. Would like to hear if anyone has had similar problems and if they got any satisfaction from the manufacturer.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Everything seems to work, the pellets come out but will not light. Thought the ignitor was bad, but it turned out to be ok. However, there is no power coming from the mother board. Service came out and had no idea, calling some guy in California. If everything else working then it seems like it can't be the motherboard, what am I missing?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Hi All,

    I normally do not post to these type of blogs but after reading all the negative comments about this stove I felt it necessary to share my results which have been good. I have had this stove for 3 years and heat my entire home 24/7 with it. It runs and heats wonderfully. The only problem I have ever had was the ignitor burned out after 1 season and they were factory defective so it was replaced under warranty. I cant speak to others experiences but this stove has performed well for me and still is. I would highly recommend it. One thing I will mention is that until you get a feel for how the air mixture works it can seem like it is not working properly especially on low settings "or" poor quality or damp pellets can cause the same problems : )

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I have had an Enviro Empress FPI for 3 years now and to say it has been a waste of money would be an understatement! has anyone had any luck with a refund or knowledgeable service company?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    go to England's stove works and buy one of theirs. We've had ours for going on nine years and it is the best, no issues.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I have not had any problems in 2 seasons with my Empress FPI. It's a nice stove, burns great with good pellets. High ash pellets will fill it up fairly quick. The stove itself puts out good heat. The only problem that I found is that you should pull the insert out and vac out the horizontal flue pipe in the back after 1-1.5 tons. I waited till 2 tons the first year and was experiencing a lazy fire. Cleaned the pipe and was back like new again. Biggest complaint I have is the narrow opening for filling pellets. All in all I would purchase this stove again.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    We have had the Enviro Flame Empress insert for three years now. It has been very dependable minus a few glitches which we will be calling the factory for. If the power goes out for just a few seconds and turns back on again the pellet stove will continue to operate as normal ( the auger and burner blower continue to operate) but the house hold blower that blows the hot air into the house quits. This causes the unit to get hot and it causes an over temperature safety switch to pop which shuts the fireplace off. My mom who is over 60 then has to slide the heavy fireplace out far enough reach in and reset the safety button. This has been the only main problem with the stove and it heats about a 2000 sq ft cabin in the Payson, AZ area. I will be calling to see if they will correct this problem, but will advise you guys of the outcome.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Folks, Please read the emails below that I have received from my previous post. Sherwood Industries, if you are reading this, you really need to contact me before I file a Chapter 93A against you - if anyone else would like to participate, please email me at seaseeker1@yahoo.com

    Email #1
    Hi I saw your report on your enviro pellet stove insert
    This is all new to me and I purchased one also
    I had it installed this past July and fired it up a few weeks ago
    It's been a hell of a few weeks
    Problems with running the stove on 2,3,4 settings
    Can only run it on max burn
    I could write a book about all the problems with it but getting smoke
    back into my room was the end.
    The people I purchased it from were very understanding about it and tried everything
    they could do and still no luck
    This past Monday they gave me a new stove because of all my problems which was
    very nice.'
    The past few days I'm burning off the paint stuff running on high
    Now the stove gives great heat at high but I can't seem to get a steady flame as the
    pellets drop it just about kills the fire totally.
    I tried the air settings but can only go up and not down because it's ideal reading is at the
    very end of the slide
    Don't know what I'm going to do now because I think the people I got it from are going to
    flip out about the whole thing
    Help Help

    Here's another one:

    just read your review and am in complete agreement with you. I also purchased two stoves in February of this year, one for my dad and another fort myself, and have had nothing but problems with it. The electrical panels on both stoves seem to keep going out - and now i have no power, no panels and no support. I tried contacting the dealer and he is stating that it is an operator erro(impossible); I tried calling the rep and am getting the run around. I called my towns' building dept. and they are suggesting that I complain to the state. Are you having any luck with Sherwood?

    FOLKS, if you buy an Enviro, this is what you will be eventually dealing with. My friend bought a Harmon and it works great. Again, call Sherwood and please consider joining in on a group demand to Sherwood to stand by their product. I will be working on getting a letter together. My email is seaseeker1@yahoo.com

    Alicia Terenzi
    Gloucester, MA

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, these negatives really suprise me on the enviro stuff,
    here is why. I light my ef2 around thanksgiving and run it 24/7 until the 2 1/2 ton pallets run out or until it warms up wich ever comes first. I abuse it, don't clean it much, and when i do i open the door while it's running to spoon out the overload of ash and dump in another bag to keep it burning. I should have problems since i don't take care of it. However it took a while to adjust the air knob to just the right spot about 3/8th out from the treaded rod on the pull knob until the flame dances. so now it's been 7 years and i treat it the same way year afyer year...not a single problem yet..

  14. Anonymous Says:

    I have had my Enviro Empress for 2 years. It is an unreliable piece of junk. At 12 months old it began to have problems. It has had 4 auger motors replaced, one auger, one exhaust fan and a high limit switch. The stove now has another problem. There is no way to contact the factory. I am replacing the piece of junk with a Quadrafire Mt Vernon. If your looking to buy a pellet stove, don't buy an Enviro or you will be sorry you did.

  15. Anonymous Says:


    I just read your review because I googled 'envro pellet stove reviews'. I m trying to find out if other people are having the same problem as I am with their Enviro empress insert. I have only had this stove for one heating season - it was installed last December of 2007. I started having problems last March when the fan would blow sporadically. Now this season, there is hardly any air coming out and the heat is going right up the chimmney. The fan only seems to work on high. This stove is a joke as it doesn't even heat up the room and my room is only 300 sq feet! I called Sherwood Industries - phone # (250)652-6080 of Vancouver, Cananda to voice my complaint and they told me to call the local tech support. The dealer who sold it to me doesn't want to deal with the problem. I wouldn't let Sherwood off the hook so fast - call them and demand to speak to a manager. I hope I didn't waste $2300 on a piece of junk! You may contact me at seaseeker1@yahoo.com

    Alicia Terenzi

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Friends of mine have this stove. It was delivered with a faulty control board which would not modulate the heat exchanger fan as the heat level was changed. Eventually the fan just stopped. Now running well since the board was replaced. Any warrantee?

  17. Anonymous Says:

    I've had my Empress Insert now for one and a half seasons. It's been pretty reliable but I just had to replace the high limit switch (not a big problem..took 15 mins) but last month they had to replace the daughter board (at least it was still under warranty). Last night the auger stopped, not sure if its just jammed or actually broken. The store I bought it from is coming out tomorrow for a service call. I do have to say, with the right pellets (Barefoot is the best I've used), this stove produces a ton of heat. I've cut my oil bill down from 1,000 gallons to 400 gallons and keep my entire house much hotter than I did before I had the stove. All in all, I like it a lot. I'm just getting concerned that a lot of things seem to be going wrong with it lately. Jury is still out pending this auger problem.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    I have an Enviro Insert as well and it just had an auger jam. I bought it in late Dec and it was working fine up until 2 days ago. The tech says that it was bad pellets (too many small ones and too much sawdust). The pellets look pretty much like the ones pictured here. The store that sold me the pellets claims that nobody else has had this problem. I'm not sure if it's the pellets or the stove and I have no way of knowing. The maddening thing is that the tech had to completely disassemble the unit to remove the jam, so it's not something I can do on my own.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Enviro points fingers everywhere, will not admit stove is defective. They will blame pellets, owners, you-name-it. Had auger troubles since Oct "09 cleaning with lazy flame, smoke in my house--> multiple service calls. 36 hours after the last service call, heard the auger clink, noticed LOTS of smoke coming out the exhaust pipe outdoors. Stove failed to shut off, despite a full-on, 6" flames fire in the pellet hopper. Thank God we were home a the time. Service since= abysmal. Enviro hauled the stove away, have been attempting to diagnose the problem--but none can explain how a fire started in the pellet hopper. Instead, they are trying to blame poor pellets, and us--stating stove was dirty (DUH it had just been on fire). Despite the fact stove was vacumed and serviced just 36 hours prior to the Fire. Run, don't walk away from Enviro products---stick with harman or other company w/ better track record.