Hudson River Stove Saranac Fireplace Insert

Product Type: Fireplace Insert Pellet Stove
Brand: Hudson River

A pellet fireplace insert can contribute to the overall energy efficiency of any home. This can help owners maximize the heating potential of their fireplace by converting it into powerful pellet stove. This is an economic way to heat a living space and eliminates the energy seepage of a drafty fireplace. The Hudson River Stove Saranac Fireplace Insert has a hopper with a 50 pound pellet capacity. This allows you to burn a warming fire for an extended period of time without having to constantly feed wood logs into the fireplace. This unit is fully automated with a thermostat that you can set for the desired room temperature and an automatic feeding mechanism. It has an easy to use electric igniter and an easy to use sliding ash drawer for quick clean up. This is perfect for people who want the benefits of pellet fuel efficiency from an already-existing fireplace.