Fireplace Insert Pellet Stove Resource Guide

Pellet stoves designed as fireplace inserts can easily be installed into existing fireplaces and attractive panels are available to fill any space between the fireplace insert and the fireplace opening. Pellet stoves inserts are an inexpensive option that offer homes without an existing stove, the look of a traditional fireplace and the efficiancy of a modern stove. Some pellet fireplace inserts are approved only for use in masonry fireplaces, while others may be installed in an approved factory built metal fireplace. Non-flamable material such as bricks are applied to the floor around the front of the pellet stove to give the appearance of a fireplace. A non-combustible floor protector is necessary, occasionally with additional spacers to give an air space under the unit.

Free Standing and Fireplace Insert Pellet Stoves

With prices of oil and gas skyrocketing every week it seems, heating bills are expected to increase by twenty-seven percent this winter and those who use natural gas can expect a forty-one percent increase. If you're looking for the heat and nice look that a wood stove can provide, then you're going to find the pellet stove to be a very sophisticated heating appliance. Read more

Pellet Stove Overview

When you are looking for an alternate way of heating your home, a pellet stove is just the thing for you. Once you have one of these great heating sources in your home, you will never want to go without it. For just a few dollars a day, you can use your stove and benefit from the convenient heat source. Read more