Harman P61A Pellet Stove

Product Type: Free Standing Pellet Stove
Brand: Harman Stove Company

This pellet stove comes from a long line of excellence in quality pellet stoves from Harman. It features state of the art technology that automatically adjusts to the desired room temperature. This unit will also adjust itself for fuel quality. It has an exhaust sensing probe that analyzes the output of the fuel being burned and feeds the pellets into the system at a rate that is appropriate to increase fuel quality. This is a highly-efficient pellet stove that allows users to burn less fuel to heat the same sized areas as competitor stoves. This is a huge plus for energy-conscious homeowners. This stove has a maximum heat output of 61,000 BTUs which means it can perform on even the coldest of days and consistently produces the right amount of heat. Cleaning is easy, with ash removal required only every one to two months. The venting system can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.


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