Hudson River Stove Niagara Freestanding Stove

Product Type: Free Standing Pellet Stove
Brand: Hudson River

This is an efficient freestanding pellet stove that Hudson River has designed for use in small spaces. Its small size does not diminish its powerful thermal generation. This unit has a maximum burn time of 50 hours and a heating range between 8,200 to 35,000 BTUs. For a small sized pellet stove, the Hudson River Stove Niagara Freestanding Stove has a nice hopper capacity, with the ability to hold up to 55 pounds of pellets for long hours of burning potential. This stove features easy access magnetic doors and a large ash pan for added convenience. It features a whisper quiet fan and auger motor for virtually silent operation. It has a very high fuel efficiency rating at 85%, a plus for energy conscious homeowners. This stylish and efficient pellet stove will keep any home nice and warm on a cold wintry night.


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  2. Anonymous Says:

    I own a Hudson River Niagra. It is a decent stove with a great easy access design. I really like how easy it is to get inside the stove, just open the sides, they are hinged and held shut by magnets, and you are good to go.The unit seems to be well built and I like the clean, neat way the wires and such are installed.
    The hopper just barely holds a full bag of pellets, so I would doubt the claim of being able to hold 55 lbs. I burn a bag of pellets in about 15 - 17 hours on low, with the stove constantly running. I can't see how it would ever burn for 50 hours with out a thermostat to switch it on and off. Also be aware that it is far from whisper quiet, more like having 2 refridgerators running. If you are sensitive to noise you may not be happy. I have not had the stove long enough to comment on it's dependablity yet. But I have burned 10 bags so far and it does throw great heat.