Hudson River Stove Saratoga Freestanding Stove

Product Type: Free Standing Pellet Stove
Brand: Hudson River

This unit is designed to fit into smaller areas, yet still packs a powerful punch in terms of heating capabilities. It is one of the most compact yet attractive pellet stoves available. It has a baked red enamel finish that will give any room a little boost in aesthetic. But looking good is not all this pellet stove accomplishes. It heats a room efficiently and has a state of the art digital soft touch control system that allows the user to customize the settings to their desired temperature and heating needs. It has an easy to use electronic igniter that is reliable every time. Clean up is a breeze with a convenient sliding ash drawer. For homeowners who want an efficient pellet stove that will add to their overall decoration scheme, the Hudson River Stove Saratoga Freestanding Stove is the perfect choice for compact areas.