Hudson River Stove West Point Freestanding Stove

Product Type: Free Standing Pellet Stove
Brand: Hudson River

This pellet stove is attractive and extremely functional in heating large areas and can add to the overall heating efficiency of any home. It has a maximum heating output of 70,000 BTUs, making it one of the most powerful pellet stoves available. This stove has a hopper which can store up to 140 pounds of pellets, which saves on time and can burn for long periods before you have to refill. In addition to being energy efficient and a powerful thermal generator, the Hudson River Stove West Point Freestanding Stove has state of the art digital technology that allows users to customize the settings of the stove to their liking and to the heating needs of the area. It has a stainless steel durable burn pot and a whisper quiet fan that insures quiet operation of the unit.


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  2. Anonymous Says:

    Do not buy this stove, it will cause you more headaches than it is worth. Within a year my ignitor broke down, and though it was covered by the warranty, I had to endure the cold for several days. Now after two years it has broken down again and low and behold there is no warranty. These pieces run about $100 plus, not to mention the cost of having someone come and replace it. The representative said that the ignitors do not last, they have to be replaced on a regular basis.
    Other problems: the motherboard did not work and took several months to replace. The auger jammed, you have to use hard-wood pellets with low ash content. The thermostat has never worked and it is very hard to control the heat, even on a low setting the room would get up to 85 degrees. It does add a noticeable amount to your electric bill. There are all sorts of little inconveniences, such as fuses blowing, cumbersome to clean (ash bin is poorly designed so one ends up with ashes all over the room).

  3. Anonymous Says:

    We are in our second year with our West Point model Hudson River Pellet Stove. Halfway thru the first season, the ignitor quit working. It was covered right away under warranty. The control panel installed was not the correct one, but then again it was covered by warranty. This stove is very powerful and living in Central Oregon at 4250 ft. elevation, we have not had to raise the heat level of the stove above level 1. It really puts out the heat. Maintaining the stove is a breeze; cleaning ash out is simple and takes just a couple minutes. The stove holds 3 bags or more of pellets, making it very convenient. The exhaust fan is making a louder noise than originally, but after checking it, found that it is vibration, not the fan going out. For the money, if you want a really large pellet stove, this one is a pretty good deal, but make sure you need this large size, as you might get by with a smaller one run at a higher heat level. Not terribly excited about this one, but not entirely unhappy either. I don't think there is anything on this stove I couldn't fix myself if I had the parts.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    We are now on our 3rd replacement. All 3 models have had the modifications performed; auger change, insulation kit around blower, appliance fan added to keep control board cool, draft damper for cool air intake. The 1 and 3rd did/does not produce heat and did/does not stay burning unless on setting 3 and above w/fan on high. The auger jams and does not produce consistent flow of pellets, thus it shuts down, and smoke back drafts into house. The 2nd stove, auger seized up. I am now waiting for a "new upgraded control board". Currently the 3rd replacement has the 1st generation which was stated by the sales rep to have "bad timing". I have slowed the burn down by leaving ash under the burn pot and placed 2 small steel plates on the bottom of the burn pot to close down some of the air slats. This seems to work OK, but still can't use setting 1. I am burning premium New England & Dry Creek pellets that have proven in the past to me with my prior stove to provide excellent heat. I love the looks and the hopper size..BUT it is NOT worth the problems, frustration, waste of pellets and having a cold house! Sincerely, Tara, Spencertown, NY

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Had one for two months. These units are not right. Would not run cleanly. Overheated on level 5. Because of this- stiffner on side panel fell off (they only used adhesive instead of a weld-wtf!). Exhaust fan makes a different noise than originally and I wondered how that will last. Had to replace the control panel. Ran better, but not enough air gets through the burn pot. Could only run on level 4 for a day before underneath the burn pot was nearly full of ash-blocking most of the air flow resulting in a pot full of pellets and a lazy-lazy flame. Done-swapped out for a unit by a different manufacturer. Single worst thing EVER that I have purchased in my 40 years of life. This company needs to do it's homework.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Its a piece of JUNK

  7. Anonymous Says:

    looking at a used west point - please why is it a piece of junk

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I got the stove cheap with the upgraded burn pot where the back was bent back to a 45 Deg angle so no pellets fall behind the burn pot and the bottom allows more air so it will burn on heat setting 5. Also put graphite impregnated gasket around outside of burn pot so all air must go thru burn pot. Also sealed hopper chute bolt flange inside stove with silicon so no air gets into the hopper causing a hopper fire. Then upgraded control board to the new redesigned board made by the company that makes Enviro control boards. No blowing fuses and heat levels work great!
    So now it runs like a charm. It is a good stove after getting a few bugs out!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    One more comment
    Also had to get damper for air intake so it would burn on heat setting 1. :-)