Lopi Pioneer Pellet Stove

Product Type: Free Standing Pellet Stove
Brand: Lopi Pellet Stoves (Travis Industries)

Pellet-burning stove provides heat for single-family homes with a tasteful, personalizable design. The unit features: 

  • Automatic ignition
  • Easily accessible components
  • Top-loading
  • Hopper holds up to 55 lbs.
  • 50-hour burn time
  • Heat capacity: 28,700 BTU
  • Variable spead combustion blower
  • Manual or automatic temperature control
  • Ash pan
  • Quiet operation
  • Works with thermostat
  • Heats up to 1,600 square feet
  • Two-stage convection system 


  1. Anonymous Says:

    My neighbor and I both purchased the same stoves Lopi Pioneer, WE have had nothing but trouble, Blower motors, augers, ignition switch,
    smoking the house up like it was unfire because the blower keeps quitting, the computer board replaced serveral, time,...They replaced mine and that one was just as bad so they gave me another brand a Harman, we haven't had any issues with that one yet...

  2. Anonymous Says:

    We've had our Lopi for about two years, and we deeply regret the purchase. We had an old Whitfield for years, which we moved to an out building when we bought the Lopi. It always seemed to work just fine, robust is the term I would use. We're considering bringing it back in.

    The Lopi, in contrast, has to have everything just right or else it vents terrible amounts of smoke. It clogs up quickly, doesn't seal right, is noisy and annoying sounding, and it just not a well engineered product. I'm a Ph.D. engineer, but it is a constant challenge to get the venting, draft, ash clean out, etc. exactly right to keep from being gassed with noxious smoke.

    I've checked the chimney, sealed the heck out of everything, cleaned the bejeezus out of it, and still had problems. I will never buy another stove from Travis again.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    We bought this stove in 08 and has steadily had it's share of issues each year. 1st year, the burn pot was getting clogged after 2-3 bags of pellets. I attribute that to the pellet quality (LG). Next year, I used Lignetics and the burn was much better, but the convection blower had to be replaced. This year, the control board had to be replaced and the stove is as noisy as ever. Small vibrations here and there I can handle, but there has been an annoying buzzing sound when it runs on the 2 lowest heat settings. I still can pinpoint it, but I'm guessing it's probably the auger. Also, the stove does not run well on low even when it was new. It has done it's job heating the house, but I'm really wondering now if it was worth the money. Each year I have pellets delivered and I have to stack them in my basement, only to deal with this noisy ass stove when I'm trying to watch TV. There are also so few Lopi dealers in the area, I am very disappointed with the brand overall. I would not buy another Lopi.