Napoleon Auburn NPS40 Pellet Stove Heater

Product Type: Free Standing Pellet Stove
Brand: Napoleon

This handsome unit provides powerful heating performance with a variable speed blower for control and comfort. This space heater can produce a maximum of 43,000 BTUs, offering a perfect and efficient heating solution for a large room or home. The Napoleon Auburn NPS40 Pellet Stove Heater features a well-placed burn pot with an aerodynamic pellet flow system that creates consistent dancing flames visible through an encased glass enclosure. Equipped with heavy duty seamless heat exchange tubes, this pellet stove will continue to radiate heat into a room even if the stove is shut down. This stove will not overheat thanks to a built-in failsafe system that will override the blower and includes a power failure safety shut down feature. There is built-in heat exchange cleaner rod which will help maintain the cleanliness of the pellet stove heater and add to the efficiency of its heat output.


  1. Anonymous Says:

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  2. Anonymous Says:

    I own one of the Napoleon nps series stoves. I have owned mine for three years and it has been nothing but a nightmare. It has run problem free for approximately 40% of its life. I have gone through three auger motors and three convection motors. Warranty is garbage and their customer service is terrible. A service representative yelled at my wife and then hung up on her because she said that we have almost given up completely on this stove/Napoleon as a company. Read some reviews:

  3. Anonymous Says:

    people beware Napoleon stoves have more problems than u want to deal with. their warranty is not worth the paper it is written on.if u buy on line local dealers will not service warranty items and napoleon will not even talk to u.STAY AWAY FROM NAPOLEON

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Unfortunately I experienced similar problems. I purchased this stove through Direct Buy in Kingston, Ontario, which Napolean claims is one of their dealers. Stove did not function automatically as specified. Napolean would not provide any warranty support and it took Direct Buy Kingston 3 months to locate a competent technician to service the stove. I would recommend staying away from Napolean and Direct Buy Kingston. Pellet Stove buyers should also be aware that cost of installation exceeds $1000.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I bought a Napolean pellet stove thru Direct Buy in Fresno. It took four months to get it and when we finally recieved it and plugged it in it shorted out, auger motor went out and the motherboard went out. I spent four straight days on the phone with a Napolean tech trouble shooting it. Finally after all this trouble Napoleon has the nerve to say that I need to pay for all new parts. I was told by Napolean that once the stove is installed they cant refund you your money. Well dont let them tell you that, because I got all my money refunded to me soon as I threatened to call an attorney and call the BBB. I recieved my refund within 48hrs. What ever you do stay away from Napoleon stoves, they are a rip-off.