Pellet stoves can provide an excellent source of heat. When installing a pellet stove, there are a number of different factors that should be taken into consideration in order to ensure safe and efficient operation. Among the factors that should be considered when installing a pellet stove are the location, venting, distance from windows and walls and the best type of hearth to be used when installing a pellet stove.


One of the advantages to a pellet stove is that it does not require as much installation space as other types of stoves. As a result it does not need as much clearance from walls, based on the model. When installing a pellet stove, you may wonder whether it would be best to install it upstairs or downstairs if you have a multi-level home. Generally, the most heating effectiveness and enjoyment can be produced from a pellet stove when it is installed in the primary living area of the home. Consider the area of the home where the family spends the most amount of leisure time as well as the area of the home that offers heat flow to other areas as well.

Distance from Walls and Windows

When installing a pellet stove you will also need to give some thought to the distance away from walls and windows that the stove should be placed. This will largely depend on the model. There are some models that can be installed only three inches away from walls. It should be noted that pellet stoves must be installed a specific distance from surfaces and materials that are combustible, such as drapes. Ideally, pellet stoves should be installed at least 12” from windows.


Pellet stoves are actually power vented and there is no need for a chimney. As a result, they can be vented practically anywhere within the home. They can even be vented through a wall, a ceiling or in an existing masonry chimney provided that there are at least three feet of vertical chimney available. When choosing venting options; keep in mind that a chimney is not really needed with a pellet stove. Only a side venter is needed unless the stove will be placed near a window opening or door.

Type of Hearth

A hearth will be necessary when installing your pellet stove. The base that is provided for your pellet hearth should be non-combustible. This means that most pellet stove hearths are produced from either brick or tile. Both options are good choices, although tile hearths provide somewhat of a more modern look while brick hearths offer a more rustic look, so you may wish to take your existing décor into consideration.