Quadra-Fire Mt Vernon Cast Pellet Insert

Product Type: Fireplace Insert Pellet Stove
Brand: Quadra-Fire (Hearth & Home Technologies)

The extra-large Mt. Vernon fireplace insert has powerful engine that can create sufficient heat to gently heat a home all day and night. But in contrast to most pellet stove inserts, the Mt. Vernon Insert boasts comfort-quiet blowers, so even when it’s working hard you’ll barely hear it.

This Pellet stove features a traditional black finish and a cast iron fluted fire back. It has an airfoil heat exchanger with extremely quiet blowers, a firepot automatic cleaning system. And last but not least an automatic lighting, operation programs for various fuels and a programmable wall control thermostat.

The Mt. Vernon Insert burns an assortment of biofuels, including wood pellets in a variety of grades, sunflower seeds, 100% corn, and wheat. All you need to do is pick the most economical source for your area.

Specification Data: 

  •    Btu/Hour Input: 14,620 to 60,200
  •    Heating capacity: 2,400 to 3,800 sq. ft.*†
  •    Feed rate: 1.7 - 7.0 lbs/hour
  •    Hopper capacity: 56 lbs.
  •    Overall efficiency: 81.4% - 83.6%
  •    Weight: 425 lbs.


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  2. Anonymous Says:

    Whithin a month of buying this unit, the control panel went blank. The company sent a new one. Now in the second year the control panel went blank again. Now the company wants $300 for the panel and will only warranty it for three months. I had read that this company had very poor customer service - I should have listened and bought another brand! How many others with this same problem?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    We have had our Mt. Vernon for about 2 yrs. The first one was having problems so the company not only sent out a replacement, they sent out some of the design engineers to analyze any issues with the new one and to better understand what went wrong with the old one. Our replacement has been working well ever since. I don't feel the fan is a good part as it gives out about once a year or so. We have it in our living room and it's located near the stairs. We close off the other downstairs rooms so the heat travels up to the bedrooms and keeps them warm enough to avoid using electric. We are overall happy with it, and it's appearance. No ash pan fires - we have that fireproof cording around our pan so maybe that's what the other person needs to add? It isn't perfect but it's good and will save us when our electric company's rate caps come off in 2 days. So long as that fan holds out. Auto clean for us takes about 10-15 mins but start up is slower than you'd like so if it runs out, refill it and re-start, then watch to see if it goes into autoclean or start up. If it says startup on the panel, throw a handful of pellet or corn in the pot and it will start fast.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    We purchased this stove in 2007. We have yet to have a satisfactory experience with it. The control module had to be replaced before we could even get it to work. It is supposed to heat 2400-3800 square feet, it doesn't even keep my living room warm. It blows hot! But, it does an "auto clean" about every 2 hours, taking about 20-30 minutes. All of your heat is gone, many times it malfunctions and never comes back on. Nice when you are sleeping and come out to a room where the stove shut off 4 hours ago. We have had more days with it out of operation due to service issues than we have had a chance to use it. The fan is constantly rattling, so loud you cannot even be in the room with it comfortably. We have had it serviced at least 6 times for this one issue. This product is a peace of junk. We are currently starting to pursue the company to force a replacement or a refund. I CANNOT recommend a quadra fire to anyone!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    How successful were you in dealing with the company? If the results were please post your response. It not please post as well. I am looking for a solution. Maybe a class action suit to get our money back we paid and the pain caused by this experience.

    I have had the same issue. I spent over 3 thousand dollars for this stove. Within the first year I had the mother board replaced twice. I had the thermostat replace twice. Then the next year my stove was replaced. I paid them another 700 dollars and used the stove for part of the winter. May 2010 the thermostat stopped working they gave me another thermostat again. It worked until the winter was over. Now again, October 2010, the thermostat is not working again. What makes matter worse it is 69 degrees inside, which will be ok for the next couple of hours.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    They are having problems with ash pan fires, among other control issues.