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Where to Buy Pellet Stoves?

You best bet is to first try your local fireplace and wood stove dealers to see what brands they carry and, most importantly, where a low cost quality supply of pellets can be found.

You can save hundreds of dollars buying online but you need to ensure the service and support of the manufacturer is included and supported. Look for "authorized dealer" to ensure the manufacturer will uphold the warranty.

How Much to Pay?

Pellet stove prices range from about $1800 to $2800 for home heating. Two main factors are the energy in BTU's and the size of the hopper which affects how often you need to reload pellets. Other features to look for are automatic start, efficiency, easy access to ash pan and serviceable parts.

You will need to assess the area of your home or cottage you want to heat and get a recommendation from the manufacturer or their representative on the model with right BTU output for your needs.

Kevin Taylor, located in Toronto, Canada is owner of "Pellet Stoves 101" a website providing basic information on pellet stoves at http://www.top-pellet-stoves.com